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Like many shooters my father started me young.  He was a pistol and rifle competitive shooter for the US Air Force and a tactical instructer for the USAF Military Police, which was his primary duty. 

I too chose a military path joining the US Marine Corps.  I earned both rifle and pistol expert badges, which I maintained during my time in the Corps.  I made three deployments, including one combat deployment.

After my separation from the Corps I became a police officer.  There I was introduced to the difference between armed conflict in a foreign land and self defense shooting, and this has become my focus as a self defense instructor. 

I hold Instructor certifications from the NRA.  I also spend time in other instructors classes, sharpening my own skills and learning new ones.  There is usually a different, and sometimes better, way to do something and the more you train with others the more you will absorb what is out there.  

We love what we do and hope that you will come and train with us


Growing up, I was always around firearms with my Dad whether it was simply going out target practicing or going hunting.  As I got older, I began shooting longer distance and even though I still enjoy hunting, shooting long range has become more of a challenge for me and that is what I am trying to master now.  In addition to rifles, I am an NRA certified pistol instructor who really enjoys seeing students as they progress through our classes

Again, we love what we do and we hope to see you out training with us!

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