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I had never shot or even held a gun before and took a private lesson out of curiosity. Sean was very patient and answered all my questions and I had a great time shooting ! I think I may have found myself a new hobby , and I am certainly much more informed. I will be back for sure !

Mara Tudor Ward

Sean is a great instructor.  Very thorough and covers all the information well.  He answered all of our questions and had a lot of patience.  He adjusted my grip and helped me to be able to shoot the .45 without any problems.  I am now more comfortable and confident with my gun and I am shooting with much better accuracy than I was before the class.

Jennifer Crossland

Tiburon Tactical should be your go to for any firearms training you need.  No matter what your level of experience is with firearms., Tiburon Tactical will help you be well informed and extremely prepared to be a CCW holder or a highly competent firearms owner.

Mike Girkin

I think everyone should take a CCW class.  It is very important to know the laws if you want to carry.  Sean was a wonderful instructor and helped me overcome the fear of firing a gun today.

Natasha Mix

As a NRA instructor myself and a shooter with 40+ years of experience, the Tiburon Tactical team was able to significantly help my pistol shooting technique and accuracy.

Rick Crossland

I've enjoyed shooting and felt I was ready to pursue my CCW.  Glad I chose Tiburon Tactical.  Excellent class and great instructors.

Veronica Wandrey

Went to the women's basic pistol class.  Was definitely educational.  Not a first time gun user, but learned so much that I hadn't been taught.  Teachers were helpful not condescending.  Just want to help you learn about guns and shooting.  Want to schedule private lessons next.

Laura Johan

Took the CCW class.  Instructors were extremely knowledgable.  Will take more training classes with them.  Highly recommend.

Ken Baker

Great instructors, great course content.  Instructors did a great job sharing their experiences during the course and helping on the range.  Highly recommend

Rod Vedder

I really appreciated Sean and Derick's instruction and patience.  The information was extremely helpful and the range time was excellent.  I am really proud of myself and Sean and Derick both helped me immensely.  Taking this CCW course was the best thing I've done for myself in a long time

Angela Writesel

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